A look at the blackboard for today’s specials…

Gli antipasti della Fontana – Appetizer

Il carpaccetto di “Limousine” Beef carpaccio with misticanza salad end Parmesan cheese

Lo steak “Tartare” served with Tuscany toasted bred (specialità)

Il prosciutto con i “coccoli “ Norcia ham with fried pizzas’ pasta and stracchino cheese

Fontanas’fantasy with Ham, Tuscany salami, artichokes and crouton

Sedani ripieni alla Pratese: stuffed celery Prato’ style  (specialità)

Il tagliere di pecorino di grotta plate of pecorino cheese with pears and honey

“La Morellina” Salad of raw artichokes with valeriana salad and leaves of Parmesan cheese

La “Pienzina” radicchietti salad, carpaccio of pears, pecorino cheese and walnuts

La crostinata: Assorted croutons with tomatoes bruschetta,fried corn meal with ciken liver patè,peperons, egg plants and mozzarella and anchoves

I primi Piatti – Pasta and soups

I tagliolini noodles, butter, cheese and fresh truffle

I maccheroni freschi al “ P a p e r o (specialità) Daily fresh home made macaroni with goose sauce

Le pappardelle fresche al cinghiale Special fresh eggs noodles with wild boar sauce

Le pennette “Strascicate” Short pasta in meat and mushrooms sauce (Specialità)

Il Risotto with fresh asparagus and leaves of Parmesan

 Le fettuccine al ragù o ai porcini Eggs fettuccini with choice meat sauce or mushroom

 Gnocchi (house made) in gorgonzola sauce or butter and sage

I ravioli stuffed of celery and Parmesan in special rabbit sauce (Specialità)

 I Tortelli freschi di patate Potato ravioli with meat sauce or porcini mushroom)

 I maccheroncetti all’ortaiola short pasta with only vegetables sauce) (Specialità)

 “La ribollita “ (Specialità) bred soup with blak cabbage and Tropea onion

 Zuppa di verdura Fresh vegatables soup

I secondi piatti al girarrosto e alla brace – Main course

Solo a cena: dinner only, skewer of chicken in crust of bread with potato (specialità)

extraordinary mixed grill and spit minimum for two (specialità) with: Florentine beef steak, young chicken, suclking pig, sausages and new roast potatoes, each

Bistecca alla Fiorentina (specialità) Florentine beef steakX ett.mo

Steak “T a r t a r e” (specialità) served with tosted Tuscany bread

“Il pollo matto” (Specialità) the crazy grilled chicken

Trionfo di fritto misto (specialità) triumph of mixed fried with : chicken, rabbit, lamb and seasonal vegetables

Pollo fritto fiori e carciofi Fried chicken with zucchini flours and fresh artchoke

Lombatine di vitella Grilled veal chop

Agnellino alla brace Grilled baby lamb

Filetto di manzo alla griglia o al pepe verde Grilled fillet of beef or in green pepper sauce

Il piccioncino Grilled young pigeon

Grigliata di maialino e salsicce Grilled of chops of suckling pig and sausage

Grigliata di salsicce e rosticciana Mixed grill of ribs of pig and sausage

Cosciotto di coniglio  Grilled leg of rabbit flavored with Rosemary

Il baccalà lesso o fritto cod fish boilked with beans or fried with polenta

Grande grigliata di verdure Mixed grill of seasonal vegetables

Gran fritto di verdure Great fried seasonal vegetables


Le tagliate – Our cut of beef

With fresh season truffle

 with rosemary and new roasted potatoes

 on a bed of salad and lard of Colonnata

 on a bed of rocket and leaves of parmesan cheese

 on a bed of fresh porcini mushrooms

the main courses are served with a side dish of the day included in the price

Other side dishes

grilled vegetables

white beans

mixed salads

Buttered spinach

French fries potatoes

I nostri dolci

Our dessert menu alone is worth a stop that its contents
by orange souffle,
the flan with chocolate,
made ice cream,
sorbets fresh fruit etc ..
you can not describe, are simple delights to try,
as well as selected dessert wines.

… Billi …